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Saturday, February 25, 2012

World of Flowers

Hey everyone!
Some of you probably knows, that I work in wholesale shop with flowers since February 2012.

I used to study Art & Management so Floristry is really not my original field.
But my mum is florist and her boyfriend trades with flowers from Holland so I got close to flowers. And because I used to go there for brigade work, and I couldn't find any job mum's boyfriend asked me If I want to work there and I agreed. ;) So I had to learn all the names of the flowers and kinds of roses and tulips.
So some days it's really hard, and I'm comming home really tired, but I like to work there. :)

Every Thursday they bring a truck full of different kinds of flowers from Holland... It's sooo beautiful.

And this is how it looks like....
I also bind flowers and there are some bouquets I did. The first, second and the third one are Wedding flowers. The colorful one is Birthday Flower. And the last one I did for my mum ;)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

Am I so crazy about this song or do You also like it so much? I've heard it for 107 times in 2 days...
That is kind of crazy, don't you think? LOL But I really like how the song culminates without any aggressive beat just by the strenght of their voices. That's not really usual...

The video is also interesting, because it's really original and also not really usual... That's maybe why do they rule, because they are NOT REALLY USUAL... :D

By the way I really like Kimbra's haircut ;)


Monday, February 6, 2012

2 Of A Kind

Hey you!
From time to time I take a pics of my nails.
My current favourite nail desing is to do an 8 nails in one color and 2 with different design. Like leopard pattern, the eye, cross, whatever... It's so R'n'R ;)
So there are some of my nail designs, and you can be sure, that soon I will post some more ;)


Factory Girl

Hey everyone!
After really loooong time I'm back and obsessed by movie "Factory Girl".
Do you know this movie?
It's about Edie Sedgwick - actress, manequinn and muse of Andy Warhol. She was so beautiful and so cheerful girl, unfortunately she died young because of drug overdose... :/ But I think this is what was the 60's about - Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll. So now you know, that it's quite sad movie, but it's really good!

I fell in love with 60's... You know the fashion, the music, the art... everything was so new and so magic!
I also like the style of Hanna Beth because she brings the best elements of 60's fashion into actual trends... *thumbs up!* ;)

So, I took a pic in style of Edie and sometimes I do me the make-up in style of 60's.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Cosmetic recommendation

Here we go! My very first cosmetic recommendation!
I guess I am really demanding person when we talk about cosmetic stuff. I can't use every product. It took me a lot of time, tears and rash to find the best products for people who have such a sensitive skin like me and who are allergic to perfumed creams and stuff like this.

And here goes my actual top 5

1. Hairspray by Douglas - smells really nice, makes your hairstyle strongly fixed but not sticky!
2. Esthederm cleaning stuff - cleaning milk, cleaning tonic and cleaning gel. This cosmetic is perfect for people who has really sensitive skin or are allergic to parfumed cosmetic. Intended for young problematic skin.
3. 3 steps for clean skin by Clinique - the box contanins these 3 products:
1. Cleaning gel
2. Cleaning lotion
3. Hydration cream
This product exists in 3 different strenghts. If you haven't tried this before you should definitely consult which one to use with your beautician or with shop assistant in the shop. It depends on your skin type...
4. Cute Bath Box from Marks&Spencer - This box is intended for kids, but who cares? It's soooo cute! *___*
6 different types of bath salt
1 soap
1 melon sponge ♥___♥

5. Black Vanilla Body Butter from H&M - Makes your skin really smooth and shiny. This body butter smells really nice. By the way I like the way the box looks like. ;)
Thanks Suzí