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Monday, June 14, 2010

First Update

Hello everyone!
Someone told me that facebook and twitter don't have enough letters for my long updates so, I've decided to founded this blog.

I'm really tired today. I've spent my day at school, by my hairdresser and then I had to do some homeworks. I would like to go to my lovely bed, but I still have to learn.
By the way, I love my new hair color! ^^

Last Weekend, I was just relaxing, watching movies, sunbathing, shopping and drinking great wine with my friends. I bought a really beautiful ring made by young designer from my hometown.

Saturday night was fun! I went to Red Cat Club and then to Depo Club with "Carrie" and " Girls from Manhattan" :D

Yesterday, I visited my granny, she cooked an amazing lunch. Then we sat in her living room and watched "The Devil wears Prada" ♥__♥ How I love movies about fashion, love and lifestyle! Then I got a shiny & sparkling Swarovski keychain from my mother *___*

Now I need to pass all the exams and then just RELAX DON'T DO IT, WHEN YOU WANT TO GO TO IT! I'm really looking forward to holidays. I'm gonna spend some time with my "GagaHoney" Marek. We will Rock'n'Roll! :)

See ya later


  1. Ok, wall I love these sententious updates... Lot of lovely informations <3
    btw? I love your new keychain, can I lend your mum for a day? ;D

  2. you gotta be kiddin', that's your new hair color??? i wonder what it actually looks like in daylight and stuff. i'll see tmrw ;P

  3. I'm not kidding :D :D :D Like you said, you will see tomorrow! :)

  4. I am curious ... whos "Carrie " ?

  5. Ohh nice to see you here ! (☆。☆)
    "The Devil wears Prada" I love that film too ~
    by the way , good luck for your exams ! ≧(´▽`)≦