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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gossip Girl xoxo

Hey everyone!

I'm gonna tell you something about my last week! It was fun...really!

I spent some time with Marek. He arrived on Saturday so we went to Red Cat Club. There was a "Christina Aquilera Party" I was singing there and preparing karaoke contest for the night.

Next day we just stayed at home we were too tired to walk so we were just watching MTV. ~__~ zzzz...

Monday was the hottest day of the week. We went to Vienna and I felt like a melting popsicle! :D I have bought some cute girly underwear and cute cupcake for my phone... ♥___♥ We have seen some interesting places and drank Vanilla Frapuccino in Starbucks Photobucket. Then we almost missed our bus back to Brno so we had to take a taxi to be at the station in time.

Me and Marek infront of Naturhistorisches Museum

Stefansdom Cathedral

Tuesday was just a shopping day *___* I have bought some pretty dresses, handbag, acessories and cosmetic stuff.

Wednesday we spent in tattoo studio. We have been there for hours. I have a new tattoo. I think this new one, is my best one ♥
Thursday...boring day :D We stayed at home and were just relaxing. Then we went out to meet Enysek, eat chocolate fondue and sing karaoke. We were talking all night long and I really felt like a gossip girl of the week.

On Friday Marek left. :( So I cleaned my flat and went out to have fun.

Sorry for such a bad quality of my photos. Someone has stolen my camera so I had to take all the pics with my phone. :/

Annie ♥


  1. love the tattoo & love the dress ♥

  2. Happy that your last week was cool !
    kyaa ~ Shopping , shopping ♡
    I love th dress, you must be even more pretty with it .
    Awww make photos soon ne o(^▽^)o
    take care ~

  3. yeah I know the dress I wanted it too, but after I somehow didn´t buy it.

    the Tattoo is cool <3 yeah (but really big for me have to say)

    so it sounds like great week.
    wish you some anothers like this ^^