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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tattooed by CHANEL

A collection of washable tattoos by Chanel becames really popular and favourited. I'm thinking about buying one set of those tattoos too. ♥___♥ On Ebay one set costs about 80$ - 150$ for the whole set.

Here are some photos:


Be tattooed ♥

Monday, September 27, 2010

Leighton Meester's Music makes my Heart sing

Hello! ^^
I think you probably know that Leighton Meester / Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) sings.

Here are just 3 of her songs because there are no more published songs. I really like it! You know, she is not a owner of big or special voice but her song are entertainig and likeable.

I'm really looking forward to her solo album.

Leighton Meester - Somebody to Love feat. Robin Thicke

Leighton Meester - Your Love's a Drug

Leighton Meester - Body Control


Inver†ed Crucifixion

The Crucifix always known as a symbol of Christianity becomes a Fashion element of year 2010.

It's really not for the first time when Crucifix is popular for nonbelievers. Few years ago were rosaries in every shop with clothes or acessories, but I mean the time, when people stopped to be Hippie and became a pop or rock stars.
The 80's! And who is the most famous singer associated with fashion, provocation and crucifix?
MADONNA - She really provoked church with her song called "Like a Prayer" but the most she provoked with the video! Burning crosses, black Jesus, sexual games in church... that is what Madonna has started and now Lady GaGa continues. In her last video "Alejandro" Lady GaGa wears robe with inverted cross and in nun's robe she swallows black rosary.

Both of them are Pop idols and inspires a lot of people and designers. †__†


Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa - Alejandro music video

Lady GaGa - Alejandro music video


Interview magazine cover 2010

Interview magazine photoshooting

Interview magazine photoshooting

Interview magazine photoshooting



Our Lord & Saviour crocodile clutch


Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy


Charlie Le Mindu Autumn/Winter 2010

Charlie Le Mindu Autumn/Winter 2010

Charlie Le Mindu Autumn/Winter 2010


Hanna Beth

Hanna Beth

Taylor Momsen


† † †

Sweeter than ice cream...

Yesterday I was looking for some photos and look what I've found... Two hottest Gossip Girls from NY and Two hottest Party Girls from LA.

Blake Lively & Leighton Meester

Ivey Ensley & Hanna Beth


Things I'll never say...

Hey everyone! I just wanna tell you, that I'm having fun on FORMSPRING.ME , so if you want, you can ask me anything, anyplace, anytime... ^^ Try to find the "Things I'll never say" :)
Because everyone has its secret...

Annie ♥

Fashion Night Out - 10.9. New York City

Here are some photos from another fashion show called "Fashion Night Out". This show was 10.9. 2010 in New York City. I found just photos from Backstage, when I get some from the fashion show, I'll upload them on this blog too.

Blake Lively

I wish I had all of these shoes.


London Fashion Week 2010 - TOPSHOP

Here are some photos from London Fashion Week - TOPSHOP fashion show.

The Fashion Show


What a lovely shoes ♥___♥