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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Absolutely Indispensable

Hey! I'm going to show you things I think you should have for this year.
I'm talking about few symbols, colors and elements which will be repeted in lot of fashion colections...and I'm sure about it. ^^

The number one - Cross Ring
(every type, every color)

Number two - Green nailpolish
(green turquoise, turquoise, emerald, absinthe)

Number three - Lace
(tops, t-shirts, dresses, stockings, every color, every design)

Lady Gaga

Number four - Black Suede Wedges
(black, beige, brown, suede, leather, smooth)

Yves Saint Laurent

Jeffrey Campbell

Giuseppe Zanotti



  1. 1)mám
    2)včera jsme s Tommym váhali a nakonec jsem pořídila modrej z kolekce "I love Berlin", protože zelená a já, to moc nejde
    3)krajka- mám nedostatek, ale dostanu se do toho
    4)stále nemám a v čr si asi nevyberu, takže smolík.


  2. Pochvala! Já musím ten zelenej koupit - kde že ho maj? Krajky miluju a dokonce i mám :D :D :D
    Já budu objednávat Jeffreyho Campbella z netu ...

  3. I am with slytherin thing - of course ! anyway good article my dear ;)

  4. I have numbers 2), 3) and 4) and I don't need anything more :D :D
    Your first place should be iphone :D

  5. Hahaha thanks girls :D Suzí 80 points for Gryffindor :D
    Mery 50 points for Slytherin :D ♥♥♥

  6. I love Berlin je Essence, ale honem, už toho moc nemají :)

  7. :D :D :D hahaha I'll win!!!

    I'm looking forward to summer so much! the colorful nailpolishes will be lovely <3