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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Natalia Kills

Singer, songwriter, actress and director of short movies. Natalia is 24 years old britisher who lives in Los Angeles. She works together with CherryTree Records/Interscope.
She is a heartbreaker inspired by soundtracks, violent movies, Alfred Hitchkock, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, Kate Bush and Prince.

Her promo single is "Zombie". The music video is inspired by horrors of 20's and was directed by Ms. Kills.
Her first single is "Mirrors". Then she released song "Activate My Heart" and did a music video just for her fans directed by her friend Guillaume Doubet.
Now she is preparing her first album called "Perfectionist" together with a debut film called "The Exhibition". Dark pop diva says about her album that everyone could dance thru sadness, revenge and hate.

When you listen to her songs and understand to her lyrics you find out that it's based on real situations from your everyday life. In addition to brutal lyrics she wears brutal clothes. Redactors from ELLE talks about her like about a new fashion icon...

So I think you should really give her a little attention and listen to her released songs.
For more information about Natalia Kills check out these webpages : Official Czech Natalia Kills FanPage , Natalia Kills.Com , Twitter , Myspace , Facebook , Youtube ...





Activate my heart

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