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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Riddle

Don't want him! Loved him! Love her! Pray for him! Wanna f*** him! Wanna wear him!
Do you know who I am talking about?

Don't want him! - One boy who loves me. He and his love is killing me. He doesn't want to understand when I say: I don't want you!

Loved him! -Mr. Glitter / Distaste

Love Her! - Lady Gaga

Pray for him! - Alexander McQueen

Wanna f*** him! - Jared Leto & James Marsters

Wanna wear him! - Jeffrey Campbell


30 Seconds to Mars Acoustic Session

I got some kind of nostalgic mood today.

I was looking for acoustic version of Hurricane on youtube because Jared Leto has one of the most beautiful voices I know (just like my friend says "voice-fucking")... The song is one of the most beautiful songs I know... and it reminds me one of the most beautiful moments in my life.

So I found this acoustic session and I think you should see it too... its really good! ♥
So enjoy it! ♥

30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill acoustic

30 Seconds to Mars - This is War acoustic

30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane acoustic


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So... Hold It Against Me!

Hey everyone!
First of all I have to tell ya, I really don't like new Britney's single called "Hold It Against Me" it's another so called pop song - bad!
The music video is little bit better than the song, but Britney looks like a transvestite who imitates Britney.
Maybe I am too critical, but I really feel it this way...

BUT! There is one reason why I write this article and the reason is Sam Tsui - 21 years old Chinesse/American musician who is famous for covering and performing popular songs as well as original medleys and mashups on Youtube.
I love this boy, he is a real music genius. He makes me like his covers and mashups more than the originals.
Now he did a cover of "Hold It Against me" and I ♥ it!

There are Sam's webpages: his Facebook, Twitter and also his Youtube channel.

And fianlly the video...

Annie ♥

Tattooed This Way

Yaaay! *___* Still more and more Gaga fans have "Born This Way" tattooed on their bodies. Nevermind! I want it too... I was thinking about it few months before she released the single called "Born this way". I want it over my right elbow around my arm. I can't wait to have the tattoo done! ♥ ♥ ♥


Lady Gaga

Tattoos of fans


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Industrial please!

I really want this type of piercing into my right ear. I think it would look really good because I already have Tragus piercing in my right ear and tattoo on my left ear. I am just little bit scared of the pain. Is it painful? O_o

How does the piercing look like? There are some pics.

Here is a video of girl who had an industrial piercing done.


Random photos

There are some photos I found in my phone which I want to show you. ♥


Who knows how to bake Upelkuchen?

Few days ago I was watching Alice in Wonderland. ♥
My 4 years old brother came to me and wanted to watch it once more with me. I think he found himself in Wonderland.
Now is this movie his favourite one and he is still bothering me and screaming: Hey sister let me watch Alice in Wonderland. :D And because I am really kind and loving sister I let him to watch the movie in my bed on my TV.
I think that everyone knows that I am big fan of Tim Burton and I love this kind of movies... It means I am always watching this movie with my brother. :D Today he told me: Annie, bake me an Uplekuchen I want to be bigger. :D
So I am looking for some recipe to bake this cake. Do you know about some? :D ♥


What the hell? O_o

Hey hey! Have you heard Avril Lavigne's last single called "What the Hell" ???
The video is funny - I like music videos with story and this one reminds me the old rebel Avril she used to be few years ago. But the song is still some kind of cheap so called pop music like 90% of her songs from "The Best Damn Thing" album.
So when I listen to the music she released on her first 2 albums and the horror she is releasing now I am asking myself ... what the hell?
What do you think about her image and music?

And here is the music video...


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kawaii nails

Really original and cute nail designs... my inspiration.

My own nail designs *___*

Annie ♥

Yesterday night

Hey my dear followers! How are you doing? I am so busy last days that I forgot to write some new updates.

Just wanna tell you, about yesterday night.
Me and my lovely Suzí, Enysek, Zuzka and Sandra went out to Absolut Bar to drink some coctails. I think we had really good and funny time. And to be honest we really needed some "girl-coctail-time" after so hard week.

After some drinks Sandra left us so we went to Chinesse bistro to eat something. I met some friends there and we had a really funny dinner, because we met some drunk people who really
believed that my friends is a sorceress. :D :D :D

Then we went to Red Cat club, but we spent there just a while - because the DJ was like from outer space! O_o OMG!

I can't wait to be with my girls again and have fun like last night. ♥

♥ love ya girls ♥

Summer... Please come!

The cold weather is killing me... I miss sun shine and the warm summer nights, cold coke with ice and lemon, flat shoes, short dresses and tanned skin. This week I am still listening to one summer song - Vamos A la Playa by Loona. This reminds me the amazing summer days and brings me summer mood.
What helps you to get summer mood? What are your plans for this summer? ...I can't wait to be by the sea ♥

Summer photos