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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So... Hold It Against Me!

Hey everyone!
First of all I have to tell ya, I really don't like new Britney's single called "Hold It Against Me" it's another so called pop song - bad!
The music video is little bit better than the song, but Britney looks like a transvestite who imitates Britney.
Maybe I am too critical, but I really feel it this way...

BUT! There is one reason why I write this article and the reason is Sam Tsui - 21 years old Chinesse/American musician who is famous for covering and performing popular songs as well as original medleys and mashups on Youtube.
I love this boy, he is a real music genius. He makes me like his covers and mashups more than the originals.
Now he did a cover of "Hold It Against me" and I ♥ it!

There are Sam's webpages: his Facebook, Twitter and also his Youtube channel.

And fianlly the video...

Annie ♥

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