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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What the hell? O_o

Hey hey! Have you heard Avril Lavigne's last single called "What the Hell" ???
The video is funny - I like music videos with story and this one reminds me the old rebel Avril she used to be few years ago. But the song is still some kind of cheap so called pop music like 90% of her songs from "The Best Damn Thing" album.
So when I listen to the music she released on her first 2 albums and the horror she is releasing now I am asking myself ... what the hell?
What do you think about her image and music?

And here is the music video...


1 comment:

  1. I saw link to this on vevo when i was watching some new video of other artist and got bit curious - anyway after watching the video and listening to this song all answer i've got was WHAT THE HELL

    I sort of liked old Avril - she was rebelious and bit of punky - i respect fact that everybody might change and she was 15-16 punky after all but even if she changed herself she still can do good music - well i think thats the missing part - she tried to do her music oh so mature.

    Something really important missing in this music and it became very ... clean if you know what i mean ...

    But - its just my opinion x) x)