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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yesterday night

Hey my dear followers! How are you doing? I am so busy last days that I forgot to write some new updates.

Just wanna tell you, about yesterday night.
Me and my lovely Suzí, Enysek, Zuzka and Sandra went out to Absolut Bar to drink some coctails. I think we had really good and funny time. And to be honest we really needed some "girl-coctail-time" after so hard week.

After some drinks Sandra left us so we went to Chinesse bistro to eat something. I met some friends there and we had a really funny dinner, because we met some drunk people who really
believed that my friends is a sorceress. :D :D :D

Then we went to Red Cat club, but we spent there just a while - because the DJ was like from outer space! O_o OMG!

I can't wait to be with my girls again and have fun like last night. ♥

♥ love ya girls ♥


  1. we should deffo do that more often <3 or at least go out for a coffee or something, if not downright alcohol :D

  2. yeay of course we should!!!
    or the anime/japanese weekend or game night or something.

    I can see that Annie is trying her best today :D so many updates. Keep on! I love the new design. <3

  3. I think so, its always fun :)
    Girls thanks for your comments and Suzí thanks that you like my desing ♥ I like it too :D :D :D

  4. Jéééé:)))
    Strašně vtipný je, že píšeš o tvých slečnách a nakonec tam plácneš fotku s chlapem :D

  5. Ano, ale tak s něma žádnou fotku z toho večera nemám...

  6. sound so good :( i am so sorry not being there how ... slyther from me

    you girls have to do cotail night with me as well ...soon

    cause it will safe your lives :D