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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday evening

Yesterday was a really nice day. The weather was beautiful and sunny, I passed the maths exam and I shipped some Tokio Hotel stuff from eBay to Norway and Denmark - it was really funny - Susan is my witness :D

Me and Susan met in city and went to our favourite Coffee house - Parnas ♥ We ordered some coffee and Vanilla milkshake. Then we met Mishi and went to Absolut bar where I celebrated my b-day with friends before. We drank Cosmopolitan coctails for half price and we played our fav songs on jukebox.
Susan and Mishi in Absolut Bar

Our coctails ♥

When I came home I did some pic of me to show you my blue contact lenses I get from my cousin like a b-day present.
Do you like it? People told me I look like a : demon, Husky, Avatar or the kid from movie "Unborn" ... LOL

My blue eyes

Unborn trailer :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Born This Way Remixes

Album cover of the "Pt. 2"
There is a link for the remixes from the first remixed album "Born this Way Remixes pr.1" so you can also download or listen to the remixes on iTunes.


Album cover of the "Pt. 1"

Mademoiselle Blake

I guess you probably know that Blake Lively - actress better known as Serena Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl is a new face of CHANEL.
Karl Lagerfeld wanted Blake to be a new face of CHANEL because she is young and favourite fashion icon and idol for lot of young girls, boys and bloggers.

To be hones when people started to talk about it I expected something more young and bolder. Even if the photos look really amazing it's little bit boring and classic.

But it's just my opinion... What do you think about it? Do you like it?

Karl Lagerfeld and Blake

Once again Karl Lagerfeld and Blake

Making of: Blake Lively for CHANEL


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Natalia Kills Wonderland teaser

The single Wonderland with the video should be released this Wednesday it means 30th of March. I am really looking forward to see it ♥ What about you?

The teaser

Set of "Wonderland"

The single cover

Sneek peek from Natalia's twitpic


Tokio Hotel stuff for sale

Hello! I've decided to sell almost all the fan stuff I've bought when I was a fan of Tokio Hotel.
Here are the pics and ebay links where you can buy it when you want...

I am going to sell some more stuff from Tokio Hotel later so check my ebay account for more.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Laura The Ms. Stylish

Just few weeks ago I took a pictures of my friend and classmate Laura. I really like her style so I want to show you her really stylish outfit. Hope you will like it... ♥___♥

Jacket: Mango
Scarf: H&M
T-shirt: Pull&Bear
Belt: Pull&Bear
Jeans: Pull&Bear
Watch: Storm
Shoes: Pull&Bear
Handbag: Guess


I'm just a girl...

It wouldn't be me If I didn't send some crazy/funny photos of myself... :) ♥

My new haircut

I really wasn't Born this way but I like this look ♥

And now, my favourite song by No Doubt - Just a Girl... :D

well I'm just Annie

First sunny day

There are photos of one beautiful day - it was 6th of March 2011. Mery called me to come out and spend some time together. Both of us took some drinks and food to make a picnic ♥ I baked vanilla muffins called "Upelkuchen", made some toasts and made a coffee. Mery brought Martini Bianco. We sat down close to "Petrov" Cathedreal and watched the sunset.

When we ate all the tasty food we went to Mery's place because outside was quite cold weather.
We walked around a playground and there was a really crazy swing we had to try :D It was really funny :D :D :D

Then we spent some time watching a videos of korean boyband "Big Bang". Then I went home, because it was late...


My "Upelkuchen" muffins ♥

Me on the crazy swing

Already home...


New clothes by SOBER IS SEXY

If you want to order some of their products or get more info about SOBER IS SEXY check their web page or Facebook... ♥

Special offer!!! Order some clothes or stuff for more than $50 till May 1st and get some of the Easter totes for free.


Paranoid day

I just can't stop to listen to this song. Even though I am not a fan of Jonas Brothers I respect them because they (and Demi Lovato) are the one and only of the Disney Kids who makes really great music...

Paranoid Annie

Mannish boy for H&M

Hey everyone!
Do you also like this advertisement by H&M? The music in this commerical is the song "Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters, covered by Grammy award-winning singer Erykah Badu. And I fell in love with the song... The only problem is, I can't find it anywhere to download or buy it. Do you know where to get this song? If you know it, please let me know :)

And there are some of the ads:


Sunday, March 20, 2011

CHANEL your nails

3 trendy colors from Chanel for your nails... One of them cost about $25. But on ebay there are some for $50 so it's maybe better to try to buy them in shop or on official Chanel web-page. ♥

1. Chanel - Orange Fizz nr. 307

2. Chanel - Particulière nr. 505

3. Chanel Inattendu nr. 503