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Monday, March 21, 2011

First sunny day

There are photos of one beautiful day - it was 6th of March 2011. Mery called me to come out and spend some time together. Both of us took some drinks and food to make a picnic ♥ I baked vanilla muffins called "Upelkuchen", made some toasts and made a coffee. Mery brought Martini Bianco. We sat down close to "Petrov" Cathedreal and watched the sunset.

When we ate all the tasty food we went to Mery's place because outside was quite cold weather.
We walked around a playground and there was a really crazy swing we had to try :D It was really funny :D :D :D

Then we spent some time watching a videos of korean boyband "Big Bang". Then I went home, because it was late...


My "Upelkuchen" muffins ♥

Me on the crazy swing

Already home...


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  1. well isnt this post just lovely ... i love our firts spring picnic darling <3