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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I can't live without...

Hey! Hello!
Maybe you remember that I wrote an article called Absolutely Indispensable I guess...two months ago.
The article was about 4 fashion piecies you should have for this year. I am still waiting for my cross rings which I offered tru ebay, I already have a green nailpolish and t-shirt with lace but the fourth thing I am missing... The wedges! Why I write this article? Because there is more than just one shoes I really want. ♥___♥ So take this update as my own wishlist of things I am gonna buy :D :D :D

1. Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes

2. Jeffrey Campbell wedges
3. Alexander Wang Coco bag

4. Accessorize Union Jack purse

5. Alexander McQueen skull scarf

6. Eau de Cartier parfume

7. (8.) Cute iPhone case

9. Juicy Couture Eyelashes pants

10. Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Limited Edition box


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