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Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm about to break him...

Hey you!
This is not any fashion/music/art update... just a product of my sick mind.
Do you know the feeling when you want to break someone who is close to you? I mean friend, family member or your girl/boyfriend?

I think I should explain you what I am talking about...
There is one boy who is really pissing me off. I think he must be schyzofrenic. Few days of week he is like : "You are so clever and nice and atractive and beautiful and so on... I like you so much.
I wish I coud be there with you." ♥___♥
Then his dark days come and he is like : I don't have time to wish you Happy B-day. He is ironic,
nasty and distant. :/

I am always like... O_o ??? It seems to me like once he likes me and later he doesn't.
To be honest I am not so self-destructive type of person to stand this anymore. And that makes me ask a question... What are you able to stand for ℒℴνℯ? Uncertainty? Irony? Anger? Pain? Lies? What else?
Do we really need to be loved so much that we could do things we never wanted to do?

I am trying to understand to LOVE but I think it's impossible. Or is there someone who knows
what Love is and and who understands? I don't think so...

This makes me tired of complicated love so I am still watching the same 3 animated movies which ends well again and again... The Swan Princess, Howl's moving castle and The Princess and The Frog. Do you know the movies? I think you should watch it. It's not just beautiful love story, it's funny and all of them but Howl's moving castle are something like musical with really cool songs.There are also cute and funny characters and interesting plot.

with love


  1. Achjo. Beruško, s princema je to těžký. Buď jsou totálně na draka, nebo jsou na toho draka zbabělý. A občas se najde vyjímka, ale... nic není zadarmo a občas to prostě bolí.
    Tenhle pán očividně zaslouží za uši, protože si neváží toho, co má.

  2. Ten Pán je normálně asi schizofrenní jinak to není absolutně normální... děkuju za koment a podporu ♥