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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan

I am sure, that you already know what happened and is still happening in Japan.
Earthquake, flood, Tsunami, fires and thousands of dead people.

This disaster started on Friday and it is still worse and worse.
They say that it's the biggest disaster since the end of war. Police said they think that in the most destroyed prefecture Mijagi may be about 11 thousands dead people.
The airplanes doesn't fly anywhere, any transport doesn't work.
People have no chance to leave Japan, they can just leave their houses and places where they lived for years. They are loosing their houses, they property and their family members - and that's the worst thing.

But there are some amazing people and celebrities who don't ignore this problem and they help...
For example Lady Gaga has sent 16 mil. dollars to help Japan.
By the way you can buy a Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband from Lady Gaga fanshop.

Also you can help to people in Japan by sending a SMS or send a money on a bank account. You just have to find on internet how to help from your country.

There are instruction for people from the Czech Republic.
The Salvation Army opened collection to help to victims in Japan. They will send all the money to Salvation Army in Japan.
All you have to do is a write sms: DMS ARMADASPASY and send it on nr.: 87 777 or just send money on a bank account nr. 475 335 533/0300, var. symbol: 222.
I sent the sms.

So don't be blind and help to people who needs your help...

please help


  1. i'm just waiting for LP to launch some relief efforts, i know they will soon, and then i'll donate like crazy.

    this is a tragedy :(