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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday evening

Yesterday was a really nice day. The weather was beautiful and sunny, I passed the maths exam and I shipped some Tokio Hotel stuff from eBay to Norway and Denmark - it was really funny - Susan is my witness :D

Me and Susan met in city and went to our favourite Coffee house - Parnas ♥ We ordered some coffee and Vanilla milkshake. Then we met Mishi and went to Absolut bar where I celebrated my b-day with friends before. We drank Cosmopolitan coctails for half price and we played our fav songs on jukebox.
Susan and Mishi in Absolut Bar

Our coctails ♥

When I came home I did some pic of me to show you my blue contact lenses I get from my cousin like a b-day present.
Do you like it? People told me I look like a : demon, Husky, Avatar or the kid from movie "Unborn" ... LOL

My blue eyes

Unborn trailer :D

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