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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make-up inspired

Hey everyone!
I am ill and really bored so I am trying to do some crazy make-ups.

The first look is inspired by Brittany Bao.
This look is really demonic.
I used a white make-up, black eyeshadows (Sephora), fake eyelashes , black pencil (Sephora) for lips, and gray eyeshadows (Bourjois) for cheeks.

The second look is inspired by Megan Fox.
Because I have really bad camera on my phone the make-up looks quite normal. But I swear that in reality It looks really close to Megan's make-up.
I used normal make-up (essence), the same eyelashes, somokie eyes - eyeshadows (Chanel, Bourjois, Spehora), lipgloss (M.A.C), blusher (essence).


The third look is just bloody.
Whole make-up stays the same like the second one. I just put on my forehead a little of fake skin (from Halloween shop) a did there a little bit od dark eyeshadows to make a shadow and then I used a lot of fake blood! :)

tomorrow I'm going to do some more make-ups


Easter weekend

I think that my updates from weekends seem to be boring.
They seem to be really same, the same photos, same topic... But I can't help myself.
For last 3 weekends I was outside because of the nice weather. But this time it's for the last time, I promise I will do something more interesting than just take a photos on countryside. :)

So this update is about the easter weekend.
I went to our cottage with my mum and granny. It was really beautiful weather and I was sunbathing for a while. All of us were relaxing.
I was reading new ELLE and drinking champagne ♥

By the way I really dont like Easter. I am always wondering Why do I have to celebrate holiday which makes no sence? By the way the way how do Czechs celebrate is pagan not christian. We celebrate this nonsence holiday by flogging girls with willow branches. The girls give the boys colored eggs, sweets or some alcohol... So strange!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Decadent make-up

Hey everyone!

Few days ago my friend asked me to do a make-up for her classmates, because they were taking photos for their graduation tableau. The topic was DECADENCE.

I did a lot of crazy make-ups like Joker, Voo-doo doll, gunshots and so on...
Here are the final versions of their photos and I chose the one I did.
Hope you will like it. I really enjoyed to do this It was so crazy and cool :)

Me at work :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Christina Hendricks for Vivienne Westwood

First two photos from new campaign of Vivienne Westwood are published.
The face of this campaign is american actress Christina Hendricks (Hendricks was named "the sexiest woman in the world" in 2010).


Let the Sun shine!

Last weekend I spent with mum, mum's girlfriend and my little brother.
We went for a short trip to see Veveří castle. It was really nice and sunny afternoon.
From time to time I really like to spent a day in nature with my family and get out of city.

The castle is really big and the whole building consist of lot of different buildings.
On my pics you can see a old Art Nouveau glasshouse/winter garden - it's in really bad condition, but they are going to repair it. :)

There are some photos from the trip and also my fav outfit of the day. If you like it, let me know :) The last photo I took only so, and I like it so I put it here...


What's a feather without wind?

OMG! Look at this! Strify has a brand new tattoo - his first one!
Finally! I remember that he said he wants a tattoo few years ago and now he did it!
Do you like it? I do!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Kitty!

My aunt's cat has 2 little kittens which are soooooo cute that I have to show them to you *____*
I visited her 5 days ago to see them.
God! They are so small and soft and cute and totally sweet!

I wish I had a cat too, but my mum doesn't want me to have my own cat. :( How can she be so cruel? O_o


Jack E. Strify live

Today I am going to blog about Strify (ex singer of german band Cinema Bizarre).
I really like his new look. ♥____♥
And here are some photos of him from different DJ sets he did in Russia and Germany.

Hope you will like them :)