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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter weekend

I think that my updates from weekends seem to be boring.
They seem to be really same, the same photos, same topic... But I can't help myself.
For last 3 weekends I was outside because of the nice weather. But this time it's for the last time, I promise I will do something more interesting than just take a photos on countryside. :)

So this update is about the easter weekend.
I went to our cottage with my mum and granny. It was really beautiful weather and I was sunbathing for a while. All of us were relaxing.
I was reading new ELLE and drinking champagne ♥

By the way I really dont like Easter. I am always wondering Why do I have to celebrate holiday which makes no sence? By the way the way how do Czechs celebrate is pagan not christian. We celebrate this nonsence holiday by flogging girls with willow branches. The girls give the boys colored eggs, sweets or some alcohol... So strange!


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