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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make-up inspired

Hey everyone!
I am ill and really bored so I am trying to do some crazy make-ups.

The first look is inspired by Brittany Bao.
This look is really demonic.
I used a white make-up, black eyeshadows (Sephora), fake eyelashes , black pencil (Sephora) for lips, and gray eyeshadows (Bourjois) for cheeks.

The second look is inspired by Megan Fox.
Because I have really bad camera on my phone the make-up looks quite normal. But I swear that in reality It looks really close to Megan's make-up.
I used normal make-up (essence), the same eyelashes, somokie eyes - eyeshadows (Chanel, Bourjois, Spehora), lipgloss (M.A.C), blusher (essence).


The third look is just bloody.
Whole make-up stays the same like the second one. I just put on my forehead a little of fake skin (from Halloween shop) a did there a little bit od dark eyeshadows to make a shadow and then I used a lot of fake blood! :)

tomorrow I'm going to do some more make-ups


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