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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Sunday

Finally! The spring is here! I feel better and quite happy even if I am alergic to pollen of flowers. :D :D :D
The nature is rising from dead and I am trying to absorb the energy and the atmosphere of the newborn nature to make me feel alive again. By the way it's really beautiful.

I spent a whole day with my family at our cottage today and to be in a nature for a while was really liberating and I took a rest for a while lying in a grass.
I also took some photos of the flowers, my brother, animals and myself :)

On the way to cottage we stopped to visit one friend of granny's and she has a little rabbits. They were so f***ing cute ♥___♥ and soft.

I also want to say that something from the Spring atmosphere makes me come back to nature and folk customs. Maybe I'm little influenced by poetry "Kytice" (by K. J. Erben) I read and watched (movie) few days ago. So I wear braids, light make-up, natural shades, flowers in hair...

Lying in the grass

Little rabbit babies ♥

Grandfather's pregnant cat - really funny :D

My brother and me ♥

hope you also had so nice Sunday


  1. spring photos!!!

    so sweet, I love it ♥♥ I can feel the warmth of the april afternoon.

  2. aaay! SPRING PHOTOS !!! oh yeah ! love them x)

    also #HURTS spam ... until you come back where you belong its just another (lovely) Sunday ...