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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Weekend before

Hey everyone!
I am really sorry that I didn't post any blog for a week but I didn't have any free time to do it.
I had to do a lot of homework and tomorrow I will have to defense my school project.
This week will be really hard.
But the weekend before was really funny.

I spent 2 days with Susan and we had a really good time.
We were watching Transofrmers, eating good meal and drinkin wine, playing cards and starring at Jared Leto - I was freaking out! Look at the pics under and you will understand :)

I did a new nail design.
And on the way home I took a photo of a really beautiful Sakura

By the way I fell in love with Bumblebee... I want Chevrolet Camaro so much! It's such a beautiful car. ♥____♥


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