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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Days & Places

Today I am going to blog about my favourite places.

1st one is my room designed by me and my mum.
It used to be only in black, white, silver and gray color, but few months ago I added some blue elements. On these pictures you can see only little part of my room - specially my window with 16 orchids ♥ It's little bit glamorous, little bit luxury, little bit vintage... just something like me! :)

2nd place is Comsa Palace Hotel Brno. I really like this place because it's furnished in similar style like my room. It's a beautiful historical building in a center of my hometown.

3dr place is a Zeman's coffee house. It's also historical building in small park in a center of my hometown. They do really good coffee and amazing Crème brûlée there. These pics are from one funny afternoon with Mishi.


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