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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lady Gaga News

Hey hey GAGA people! There are some news about LADY GAGA.

1. 5.5.2011 is a Judas World Video Premiere. It's going to be co called Motorcycle Fellini PopArt FantasyFilm + Haus Directorial Debut

There is a video teaser...

2. Born This Way standart edition - album cover

3. Born This Way special edition - album cover

4. Both verisons will be released 23.5. 2011 ♥


  1. yeay the date makes me laugh. Why can't Ayu release some stuff on this date???

    the covers are pretty GAGA aren't they?

  2. Yes it's funny :D :D :D
    They are pretty GAGA but not pretty - I really dont like it - specially the front sides.