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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day

Hey everyone!
I guess all of you know that today is a international Mother's day! And because I love my mum - she is the person I love the most because she is my friend, my mother and my father in one person. I think I really disappointed her today, she was little bit anrgy but trought it all she supported me and made my mood better.

I've bought her such a beautiful rose - the last one (i guess the rose was waiting for me ~LOL~).
And a I did a heart-panckes for her ♥ I am going to decorate it with some strawberries - it will be so yummy! ♥___♥ :D

This song is also for her because we both love Queen and I like to sing her "Mamma just killed a man... lala" :)

love you mum

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