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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I was in a center of city with Suzí ♥. I bought some things I needed: like glue for fake eyelashes, and facial tissues and I also bought 2 new nail polishes from Essence - what a lovely colors. ♥

This made me think about how much cosmetic stuff do I have and I counted it O_o... Later I took a photo of all of my eye-shadows, mascaras, pencils, lip glosses and so on... and I also took photo of all of my nail polishes.

By the way... I think that I will have never enought lipglosses and nail polishes :) Don't judge me!!! I'm just a GIRL!



  1. oh yes honey.
    The morning in the city was awesome. I'll update photos later and we should do it again. ♥

    BTW I really need to do this too. I hope that I'll have the time for it now. Lipglosses and nail polishes are illness.

  2. Thnaks for your nice comment baby! It was cool but I burn my back :D :D :D I am looking forward to the photos.

    Yes, we should buy some from H&M - one this is pissing me off - do you know what? They dont have any testers!!! :/ :/ :/

  3. haha, závislost... to už je těžkej zvyk, utratit poslední peníze za laky na nehty :D

  4. yeay no testers - it's bad. But I only buy it because it's cute ♥