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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prague City Baby!

Hey everyone again! *_____*
This long update is about my trip to Prague. I was there for 3 days and I came back yesterday - late in the evening.
First of all I have to tell ya, that I dislocate my finger. So I got a gypsum for 10 days. Occupational injury. :/
Sunday - I went to Prague with mum's boyfriend by car. I met my beloved twins Kája and Míša.
We went to one big shopping center called Fashion Arena. But there wasn't anything I would like to buy.
After dinner we went to one bar close their house for some drinks.

Monday - I met one of my close friends and we spent together all forenoon. First we stopped in Palladium for some coffee. Then we went for a walk through the historical center of Prague. ♥ (how romantic :D :D :D :D :D )

Astronomical clock
Municipal House
Powder Tower

Later I met Mery. We were looking for some new clothes and then we went for a coffee again :D
Tuesday - I went out with Mery again.
We visited one shop in center of Prague. I was there just once because I thought the clothing in only for sk8 people :D But there was something really awsome!!!
Everything was studded - shoes, converse, jeans, jackets, boots - I have to buy one of them - It looks amazing.
I have never seen so many same pairs of shoes in one shop before! By the way they sell there shoes by Jeffrey Campbell!!! ♥!!! ♥!!!

One more Starbucks with Mery ♥ The boy who served us was really really funny!

There are just few things I bought in Prague. The t-shirt is from Mango and the underwear is from TOPSHOP.



  1. yeaaa it looks like great weekend/holidays.

    I want to visit the shop, these shoes look awesome.

  2. That shop was totaly awesome i am still stunned from whole interier!
    I was glad meeting ya!

  3. Oh please tell me the store's name where everything is studded!! I'm going to Prague next month and would love to visit that store! Thanks xx