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Friday, June 3, 2011

Design Party

14 days ago (on Wednesday) I was to one cool action. Me and my mum were invited for a corporate party of one company (what deals a design furniture) because my mum is their bussines partner. Mum did some decorations and flower arrangement to decorate the place. (Some of them you can see on photos)

I didn't know what to wear I was so confused cause we should were casual dress, so I wore white coctail dress and denim jacket, really big necklace and high heels. I bought the necklace one day before the party and I also bought the little wallet for cards cause I just couldn't resist. :D

The day I had to help my mum to create the decorations, so it was really hectic day. When we went for a lunch I drank the blue limonade which I used to drink when I was about 11 years old. (that was funny) :D Then we created the decorations and went for the party... I also took some pics of my so you can see how did I looked like :)

The party was cool, there was a lot of good wine, tasty food and we met there a lot of cool people a lot of designers and architects. :)


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