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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week of Freaks

One week ago I spent some time with my close friend Marknc Lee ♥
We were writing some songs, shopping and sleeping, eating, drinking and having fun and then sleeping again. :D

Tuesday night we went out with Suzí. We bought one pack of Frisco and sit outside close to St. Peter&Paul's cathedral. We were just sitting, drinking and talking.

Next day we were relaxing and shopping. Then we went to Vaca Loca club because Suzí was celebrating her b-day. That was really crazy party! :D :D :D

On Thursday I had to go to work but when I came home I was sleeping for a while and then we went out again... to Red Cat club for Karaoke.

On Saturday and Sunday we were helping my mom with flower decorations for wedding.
It was really cool and funny week. :)


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  1. yeaaaaaay! That was really nice week ♥♥♥