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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I must be Paranoid

Have you ever felt like something is really following you? Like a song you hear in everyshop you came in, or some signs that remind you one thing again and again? After some time you start to make a fun out of it.

Everyone knows that I got SPN fever and SPN is my paranoia, I mean everywhere I go I see old Chevrolets, I hear AC/DC and so on.

This one is LOVE. The car was in front of my house. O_o???

Now I'm making a fun out of it... So I did this DEMONIC photo. I am thinking about to buy some lenses like these.

And of course our favourite DEANface :D :D :D If you're watching the serial, you probably know what I am talking about. He doest this face almost all the time. (But he looks hot :D)

my rabbit paw (SPN 3x03)

What the hell is this "Yellow fever"? ( SPN 4x06)

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