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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hey everyone.
Last weekend was really cool, because I met a lot of my friends we had a party and then I went to Prague with Susan. Friday night I spent with my beloved classmates Michal, Suzí and Susan in Wayland club. - There was a party of our high school.
Then we went to Red Cat club, because they were closing the night. It was very last party. There were too many people so Susan and Suzí left me and Michal alone so we went to Depo club. I really didn't care about time because I had such a good time. But when I finally checked my phone I found out that's almost 5 am and I should leave because my bus to Prague leaves at 6:30 am :D So I went home, took a shower, did a make-up and ran to the bus station to be there in time.
We were shopping and walking trough Prague. Then we went to Pařížská Street to see Prague Fashion Weekend. There is only a sneek peek from what we saw there. More photos I will upload later.
We saw just the opening and young czech designers and then we went to Starbucks where we met Mery. It was funny - just like always. She haven't changed since I saw her for the last time. I think she will never change, and that's right. We love you for what you are bitch! :D

And the best for the END. I bought wedges! ♥____♥ Everyone knows how much I wanted to have it! And now I got it! Finally! I guess I will celebrate it :D It reminds me I finally god my results from the letter graduation exams and I DID IT! hahahaha I'm a BOSS (Hugo just different :D - supid joke I know) But I am happy jak dva grepy. :D




    and yeah mery, that's right *bitch* <3

    congrats on the wedges and the finals <3

  2. Glad you had fun! :) And those shoes are AWESOME! ♥

  3. well what should I say? I am just way too wicked bitchy thingy ;) !
    I love to see you muggles as well looking foward next time! :D ♥

    And yeah, I am glad you guys had such a great time :)