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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I just can't... Sorry

I'm just watching a 5th season of Supernatural and I keep ask myself "What the hell happened?"
Roughly the first half is quite okay - in style of 4th season. But the second half? Did Kripke lost his heart and brain or what?
Don't know if it's because I've started to watch it in english and now I have to be attentive more than before, but I don't think so. I just think that it's all about making you feel depressed despondently and lost. They don't want you to believe in happy end. It just have to end bad because of the fucking Apocalyps. But They are just still taking about the Apocalyps and they stay on a place. It's sill only sad and everyone is dying. Sam and Dean still quarrel. And that's too

much for me and my emotions and if is 6th season worse, I guess I won't watch it anymore.
Sorry guys I loved your work the first 3 seasons were perfect. I love your jokes, charakters, and God knows that Dean Winchester is my dream husband but I just can't... Sorry



  1. i don't think it gets worse *emotionally*, just in terms of plot. and the fifth season really is rough, i had problems with it. had to watch it more slowly then i used to. maybe you should try that :P

    besides, would be a shame, the seventh season sounds freaking sweet! EGYPTIAN GODS

    and jo

  2. I know but... I watch it really slowly. I finished 17th episode just because I constantly said myself that I have to. I will try.

    I put my hope in 6th season!

  3. LOL DON'T



    did you notice that you have problems watching the angsty sad eps while i have problems watching the funny ones? i'm starting to think there's something seriously wrong with me.