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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I see!

Hey everyone! After really long time I update again.
I had so much work to do so I had no free time, and when I had some I was with my friends, or watching TV or sleeping :D There are lot of new things to write about and to show you. So... Be ready for lot of new blogs!
Today I am going to write about my new glasses. I mean, I finally got my own glasses!
I was waiting for 3 years to get some. I had no time to choose some or I had no money to buy them. Now I see things I haven't seen before. Life is really interesting.
By the way my glasses are wicked because they are ENVY :D - just perfect for me!

SEE ya later :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn Inspiration

Hey everyone!
As you can see Autumn is already here. But it doesn't mean that summer is gone and we should be depressed.
In Fashion it's the same. It is true that we should wear subdued colors, but it doesn't mean we should were just gray, brown and violet color.
No way! Green, Olive, Apricot and Orange color that's what should we wear to keep summer and warm days.
As you can see in the photos from New York Fashion Week the gratest trend is style of 60's and 70's. I really like it.
So here goes my Autumn Inspiration - fashion, nature, fashion and nature.



I think that big and full lips are one of the most sexiest parts of our body. There are some photos of Lips I like. - my personal o d e to l i p s.