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Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Masters of Rock 2011

26.11.2011 Me and Suzí went to Zlin to see Winter Masters of Rock.
It's sounds like Rock festival. I haven't seen the show last year and the year before, but I think that it's more HARDCORE festival, than just ROCK.
Sorry, but first 3 bands sound the same. I was thinking about "When will the song end?" or "Is it still the same song they played 10 minutes ago or another one?" :D :D :D
I love Hardcore music. My fav bands are Haste the Day and Underoath, but this was too much for me. No melody, no rythm, no words to understand = no sence.
So after that all Blowsight came on the stage.
Their show was something really different. I had really good time! The metal fans around us were looking at me like... Ehm, she knows the songs? Is it some crazy fan or what? LOL :D :D :D
I didn't give a damn! It's just a Rock'n'Roll!
I really enjoyed this day! Was fun and the end of the day was just perfect. ♥

Me and Suzí ♥

Friday, November 25, 2011

I love Victoria's Secret

Hell yes! I fell in love with Victoria's Secret! I constantly watch their fashion shows on and I search for the pics on google. VS Angels are so beautiful. And their underwear and clothes are so girly, cute and hot!
I think that my own girly dream would be to wear the beautiful wings once in my life and be as cute as the Angels are.
So I've decided to orded some things from VS on .

The things I'm going to order....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Autumn Prague

At the end of November me and Suzí went to Prague. I think we both needed to take a rest for a while and get out of Brno, because life in Brno gets really boring.
We went to concert of Miro Šmajda and I think we really enjoyed this show. Was Rock'n'Roll!
I bought this amazing fur around my neck. Looks so cool! I was feeling like Annie The Vampire Queen :D LOL !!!
Every shopping ceneter already had this beautiful christmas decor.

We met Mery after really long time. Babe It was so cool to see you again! Hope we will meet again soon cause I miss you!
So we went shopping. I have bought some new clothes I'll show you in next update. ;)

We also spent lot of time outside by sightseeing. Prague is really beautiful city. Everyone who likes architecture and culture should visit this city.
Christmas decor of Cartier.
Astronomical Clock
And one crazy photo at the end. Me and Skurt Hai ♥

Blue Hair

I just couldn't help myself and I changed my hair color again.
So it means I am not blonde anymore.
My hair is now Brown & Blue. And I started to love the blue color in my hair. It looks sooooooo cool! Makes me think about more colors like blue, pink, orange... whatever! I want let my hair rock'n'roll!

So what do YOU think about it? I think I should try these crazy colors when I am young!
and one song...


New Lifestyle

Few weeks ago I've decided to change my life.
First of all to change the way I look. I hated my body. And I had a lot of kilograms that I shouldn't have.
I have never been slim before, but I don't want to be fat anymore. It's annoying. I think limits me.
So I've started new diet and I do Zumba almost every day. I lost 15Kg in one month.
And how do I feel? Amazing! I feel more pretty. I can wear clothes I couldn't wear before and people say: Omg! You are slimmer than before! Wow! - It always makes me smile. :)

Another thing is, that once a month I go for a laser cosmetic intervention to have a clean healthly skin. For the first time I had red skin and it was really to the touch. BUT, it really helps!

So I am going to continue and be pretty and happy! Keep your fingers crossed for me please! ;)

My inspiration


6th of November I was on Orchids Exibition in Arboretum. It was amazing. I love these flowers. I took about 40 pics there, but I've decided to show you just 4 of them.

Maybe you know that I collect orchids and I got 17 Phalaenopsis. My big dream is to have a glasshouse full of orchids. ♥____♥ It would be soooo nice!


Blowsight in Brno

3rd of November were Blowsight having a concert in Metro Music Bar in my hometown - how amazing! We met the boys after 2 years again. For the last time we saw them when they played as a support of Cinema Bizarre in Berlin.

Blowsight is swedish band playing pop/metal/punk... Yeah I know sounds like really strange combination but they ROCK as HELL!

So we went there to have a good time. As first played Crash Road. Some of their members are my ex-classmates. They were really good! I was really suprised cause I thought they play punk - NO! It was hardcore!!! ♥___♥
Crash Road
Me and Enysek
And finally best pic ever!

This is Halloween

Well... there are so many things I would say about Halloween. For example: Did you know that Halloween is my most favourite holiday? Because I really like all the scary and creepy things and costumes.
I'm also big fan of horror movies so You can imagine how interested I am. :P

So I was thinking about my costume more than 3 months before Halloween. I planed to go to Berlin and celebrate Halloween there with my friends, but I had to change my plan and stay at home.
So first I was thinking about some demon ♥, vampire or Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but later I decided to be a skelleton girl. (Inspired by Lady Gaga and Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy)
Suzí (mermaid), Susan (zombie) and I went to one club where should be a Halloween Party. It was SOOOO BORING!!! But we had fun.... I think. :D :D :D

So here are some photos, hope you will like it. Next year I will do a Creepy House Party! I promise! ♥

By the way have you seen this? I love Hillywood Show, those girls make the best parodies ever!
Put your paws up for Gagaween!

And of course the original version. I will always love this movie and this song.
The Nightmare before Christimas - This is Halloween


Sunday, November 20, 2011

American cook

I guess this is for the first time when I blog about food, but I really like to try new recipes specially the American one.
Few weeks ago I was trying to bake the real American Pie. And I found out 2 things about American Pies. First one: American pie is really tasty. Second one: is that it's too sweet.

I found the recipe on one web page about America (check it here) , there are lot of typical american recipes what I am going to try. So I will let you know which are tasty. ♥

Here is the recipe:

250g of flour
3g of salt
115g of butter
120ml of ice water
8 large, sweet apples
200g of caster sugar
8g of flour
3g of cinnamon
30g of butter

1. In a large bowl, mix together flour and salt. Then add the butter. Then add water and made a ball of dough. Then wrap it to a plastic bag or foil and put it for four hours into fridge.
2. Fill the bottom and sides of form.
3. Warm up oven to 200° C.
4. In second large bowl, mix together small pieces of apples, sugar, one spoon of flour and cinnamon. Mix everything together and fill the form. Cover the top of cake by the remaining dough and perfectly seal edges. Eventually make a few holes to allow steam from apples to escape.
5.Bake cake in oven for an hour until the dough turn golden.

good luck

Pink Skull

Well, how to begin?
I think that everyone who reads my blog knows that I am kind of strange or weird.
So the day when I saw this pink skull in a shop window of Tally Weijl I said: I must have this one!
But It was really difficult to get it, because every shop got only one skull and almost every skull was already booked. I was calling to every shop in Czech Republic and I probably had a lucky day because I booked one in Ostrava. So I travelled there to buy it.

If I should say somethin about Ostrava, I would say that it's really sad place, everything seems to be dead and so gray. I think that everyone who has some feelings has to feel depressed there.

So I got my own pink skull but she still aint got name... Do you have some ideas?