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Sunday, November 20, 2011

American cook

I guess this is for the first time when I blog about food, but I really like to try new recipes specially the American one.
Few weeks ago I was trying to bake the real American Pie. And I found out 2 things about American Pies. First one: American pie is really tasty. Second one: is that it's too sweet.

I found the recipe on one web page about America (check it here) , there are lot of typical american recipes what I am going to try. So I will let you know which are tasty. ♥

Here is the recipe:

250g of flour
3g of salt
115g of butter
120ml of ice water
8 large, sweet apples
200g of caster sugar
8g of flour
3g of cinnamon
30g of butter

1. In a large bowl, mix together flour and salt. Then add the butter. Then add water and made a ball of dough. Then wrap it to a plastic bag or foil and put it for four hours into fridge.
2. Fill the bottom and sides of form.
3. Warm up oven to 200° C.
4. In second large bowl, mix together small pieces of apples, sugar, one spoon of flour and cinnamon. Mix everything together and fill the form. Cover the top of cake by the remaining dough and perfectly seal edges. Eventually make a few holes to allow steam from apples to escape.
5.Bake cake in oven for an hour until the dough turn golden.

good luck

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