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Monday, November 21, 2011

Autumn Prague

At the end of November me and Suzí went to Prague. I think we both needed to take a rest for a while and get out of Brno, because life in Brno gets really boring.
We went to concert of Miro Šmajda and I think we really enjoyed this show. Was Rock'n'Roll!
I bought this amazing fur around my neck. Looks so cool! I was feeling like Annie The Vampire Queen :D LOL !!!
Every shopping ceneter already had this beautiful christmas decor.

We met Mery after really long time. Babe It was so cool to see you again! Hope we will meet again soon cause I miss you!
So we went shopping. I have bought some new clothes I'll show you in next update. ;)

We also spent lot of time outside by sightseeing. Prague is really beautiful city. Everyone who likes architecture and culture should visit this city.
Christmas decor of Cartier.
Astronomical Clock
And one crazy photo at the end. Me and Skurt Hai ♥


  1. haaaaah haha :D
    that was great week ^^

  2. I think so babe ♥. We should definitely repeat it!