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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pink Skull

Well, how to begin?
I think that everyone who reads my blog knows that I am kind of strange or weird.
So the day when I saw this pink skull in a shop window of Tally Weijl I said: I must have this one!
But It was really difficult to get it, because every shop got only one skull and almost every skull was already booked. I was calling to every shop in Czech Republic and I probably had a lucky day because I booked one in Ostrava. So I travelled there to buy it.

If I should say somethin about Ostrava, I would say that it's really sad place, everything seems to be dead and so gray. I think that everyone who has some feelings has to feel depressed there.

So I got my own pink skull but she still aint got name... Do you have some ideas?

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