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Monday, November 21, 2011

This is Halloween

Well... there are so many things I would say about Halloween. For example: Did you know that Halloween is my most favourite holiday? Because I really like all the scary and creepy things and costumes.
I'm also big fan of horror movies so You can imagine how interested I am. :P

So I was thinking about my costume more than 3 months before Halloween. I planed to go to Berlin and celebrate Halloween there with my friends, but I had to change my plan and stay at home.
So first I was thinking about some demon ♥, vampire or Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but later I decided to be a skelleton girl. (Inspired by Lady Gaga and Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy)
Suzí (mermaid), Susan (zombie) and I went to one club where should be a Halloween Party. It was SOOOO BORING!!! But we had fun.... I think. :D :D :D

So here are some photos, hope you will like it. Next year I will do a Creepy House Party! I promise! ♥

By the way have you seen this? I love Hillywood Show, those girls make the best parodies ever!
Put your paws up for Gagaween!

And of course the original version. I will always love this movie and this song.
The Nightmare before Christimas - This is Halloween


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  1. yeaaay that was fun! We need to make a big party next year ^^