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Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Masters of Rock 2011

26.11.2011 Me and Suzí went to Zlin to see Winter Masters of Rock.
It's sounds like Rock festival. I haven't seen the show last year and the year before, but I think that it's more HARDCORE festival, than just ROCK.
Sorry, but first 3 bands sound the same. I was thinking about "When will the song end?" or "Is it still the same song they played 10 minutes ago or another one?" :D :D :D
I love Hardcore music. My fav bands are Haste the Day and Underoath, but this was too much for me. No melody, no rythm, no words to understand = no sence.
So after that all Blowsight came on the stage.
Their show was something really different. I had really good time! The metal fans around us were looking at me like... Ehm, she knows the songs? Is it some crazy fan or what? LOL :D :D :D
I didn't give a damn! It's just a Rock'n'Roll!
I really enjoyed this day! Was fun and the end of the day was just perfect. ♥

Me and Suzí ♥

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