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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cosmetic recommendation

Here we go! My very first cosmetic recommendation!
I guess I am really demanding person when we talk about cosmetic stuff. I can't use every product. It took me a lot of time, tears and rash to find the best products for people who have such a sensitive skin like me and who are allergic to perfumed creams and stuff like this.

And here goes my actual top 5

1. Hairspray by Douglas - smells really nice, makes your hairstyle strongly fixed but not sticky!
2. Esthederm cleaning stuff - cleaning milk, cleaning tonic and cleaning gel. This cosmetic is perfect for people who has really sensitive skin or are allergic to parfumed cosmetic. Intended for young problematic skin.
3. 3 steps for clean skin by Clinique - the box contanins these 3 products:
1. Cleaning gel
2. Cleaning lotion
3. Hydration cream
This product exists in 3 different strenghts. If you haven't tried this before you should definitely consult which one to use with your beautician or with shop assistant in the shop. It depends on your skin type...
4. Cute Bath Box from Marks&Spencer - This box is intended for kids, but who cares? It's soooo cute! *___*
6 different types of bath salt
1 soap
1 melon sponge ♥___♥

5. Black Vanilla Body Butter from H&M - Makes your skin really smooth and shiny. This body butter smells really nice. By the way I like the way the box looks like. ;)
Thanks Suzí


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter World

As you can see I spent the Christmas Time with my family on our cottage.
There was colder weather than in Brno. And the 25th of December we saw the most beautiful winter morning ever. Everywhere was a lot of snow.

So I dust off my snowboard and went with mum's boyfriend and my little bro to nearest ski center. The weather was perfect, snow was perfect so I really enjoyed the snowboarding again! (I wasn't snowboarding for 2 years.)
By the way I got really nice snowboard, don't you think? ;)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry X-mas Everyone

Hello everyone! I know that I am late... again.
But I wish you Merry X-mas and Happy New Year. I wish all of you to have a really good time spent with your family or people you love. I wish you to get everything you wished and needed. Hope people who are sick will be healthy again. To everyone who has been heart-broken to find love again. For everyone who lost hope and religion to find strength and faith again.

Please be gentle to people around you and spread peace, hope and love.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crown of Spikes

My new favourite accessory? Spiked headband aka Crown of Spikes.
Becuase I couldn't find any shop to buy it I had to buy a leatherette thin belt and had it spiked in "Add The Adress" shop in Prague.
It looks gorgeous don't you think? I am thinking about to buy a white one. It's Rock'n'Roll you know...YEAH!!!