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Saturday, February 25, 2012

World of Flowers

Hey everyone!
Some of you probably knows, that I work in wholesale shop with flowers since February 2012.

I used to study Art & Management so Floristry is really not my original field.
But my mum is florist and her boyfriend trades with flowers from Holland so I got close to flowers. And because I used to go there for brigade work, and I couldn't find any job mum's boyfriend asked me If I want to work there and I agreed. ;) So I had to learn all the names of the flowers and kinds of roses and tulips.
So some days it's really hard, and I'm comming home really tired, but I like to work there. :)

Every Thursday they bring a truck full of different kinds of flowers from Holland... It's sooo beautiful.

And this is how it looks like....
I also bind flowers and there are some bouquets I did. The first, second and the third one are Wedding flowers. The colorful one is Birthday Flower. And the last one I did for my mum ;)


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  1. i'll drop by and you'll make me a nice bouquet too, 'cause i need something good in my life and all your flowers are SO BEAUTIFUL.